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FID Finest Italian Destinations - Tailor Made Travel Consultants

We are passionate about all Italian things, furthermore, we are destinations specialists:
Be it a tailor made honeymoon, a family journey from Tuscan to Apulia and/or to Sicily, a special bespoke holiday as a couple, a group of friends passionate about food and wine, or companies looking for team building opportunities, we guarantee to help you from start to finish. With our best knowledge and unique ability to understand every client's particular interests, wishes and needs, we are true experts when it comes to bespoke travel throughout our proposed Italy' finest destinations.

We are a team of travel designers, our work is divided into two phases:
a first of "research laboratories" in which we select a number of cities, services, facilities with geographical indications, historical and cultural area of reference and a second one more "exploratory" during which we enter the direct contact with the structures, and the territory: this is the phase in which we feel on our skin travel and services we offer, verifying personally strengths and weaknesses of the locations offered.
Nothing exits already without first demonstrated directly and through our personal experience.


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness". Mark Twain


We design personalized itineraries: therefore we take care of "content": we do not sell travel packages and hotel stays.
We listen to your needs of travelers and we study a "Travel Plan" based on your needs, providing a day by day that will contains our advices and directions.

We will meet all your
Accomodations needs
and more...

We will ask a lot of questions...WHY?

"….most of the questions I get are of the following variety: where is the best place to go, best place to stay, best things to do, best places to eat?  In almost every case, the answer is that there is no "best" place – but there is the best for you. That is why a relationship with a travel consultant who asks a lot of questions – the good ones will – is all important.  So is their firsthand experience, and because they have been checking these hotels in person, eating at these restaurants, and using these guides for years, they know the best ones for every need. All of these skills come together into a vacation you simply could not plan on your own……".
Larry Olmsted - Forbes

Getting the right information from you in the beginning, helps us create the best vacation for you. We get a sense of what you are envisioning and no booking engine can replace our knowledge and personal touch.
Please be assured that your Privacy is one of FID's highest priority. We believe that your privacy means more than just the security of your information; it means the total protection of your lifestyle and peace of mind.


Wedding in Montalcino

In collaboration with photographer Olga Makarova

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The Medieval stone Tower in Siena

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International Photographer Olga Makarova for FID

Olga is a professional photographer working to capture the best of your holiday and moments in Italy: weddings, love story, families....

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luxury apartment in Siena

The apartment is located in the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site: Piazza del Campo, one of the most beautiful Squares in the whole...

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Villa La Sinopia

Beautiful 700sqm villa, surrounded by the green countryside of Maremma natural park; located few kilometers from the seaside and from...

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cooking class-Food Studio Florence

The Food Studio is a boutique Cooking school offering skills in traditional Tuscan Culinary Arts with a modern twist. The project is...

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Fattoria del Collecchio

This Medieval property is composed of various buildings: The Main House, The Farmer's House, The Worker's House and a small church...

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FID at Pitti

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Masseria Bernardini

In collaboration with Masseria Bernardini,  beatiful location in Salento, Fid partecipated in the hospitality of the Press Tour...

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Custom Travel Incoming and Finest Italian Destinations assist you to organize your event , your wedding , your honeymoon , your trip , your wine tour and your vacation on the prestigious places in Tuscany and Italy . Specialists in places and locations for events and trips throughout Italy , with Concierge services and masserie for weddings , places to film sets , prestigious villas and elegant houses for events and weddings.